Rental property search assistance in Chandler, AZ

Did you know that some real estate agents can help you locate a rental property? It’s true! Whether you’re looking for temporary housing after the sale of your home or searching for a longer term lease, a real estate agent can offer unmatched insight into the property rental process.

Not only are they experts at making sure buyers and sellers are making the right investment choices, they can help renters find the right property as well.

Since 2008, Jasmine Trickel of Venture Real Estate & Consulting has been guiding individuals to the right rental properties in Chandler and East Valley. Jasmine is just as committed to her rental clients as she is to her clients interested in buying or selling a home. Her main goal is to make sure that each of her clients is fully protected, and that they're making the best choice available to them.

Turn to Jasmine for:

• Establishing search criteria
• Conducting lease reviews
• Move-in assistance
• Rental walk-throughs
• Credit repair assistance
• And related services

Find the right rental property to meet your needs and budget. Partner with Jasmine Trickel, the real estate expert at Venture Real Estate & Consulting in Gilbert, AZ. Get in touch with her today by calling 480-993-8033 to schedule a consultation.